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Terror Toys

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Slither into my lair, dear horror fanatics! After a weekend of stuffing yourself with turkey I hope you still have room for one more terror treat. While holiday celebrations come and go, horror lasts forever! This week your Gorgon of gore has decided to honor some of the creepiest toys around. Some of these villains are so terrifying you’ll pray they never show up under your tree. Whether you’re naughty or nice these blood-thirsty, pint-sized terror toys will give you plenty to scream about.

From the 1975 horror film, Trilogy of Terror, the Zuni doll is pure evil. With his sharp teeth and beady eyes, this little guy will haunt your dreams for years to come. When the chain around his body is removed, the vicious spirit that inhabits the doll is set free, allowing the doll to walk, stalk…and kill. The Zuni doll is armed with a deadly spear (and he knows how to use it), but his bite is much, much worse! How’d you like to feel those jagged fangs bury themselves in your flesh?

While many of you are saying “I’d just kick the damn thing and throw it in the fireplace,” it’s not that simple. What makes the doll so dangerous is his ability to run at lightning speed. Go ahead, try to kick him. You’ll be dead in an instant. If someone ever gives you a Zuni doll, make sure to keep the receipt…you’ll need it. Oh, and no matter what you do, make sure the chain stays on the doll at all times!

If you think one deadly toy is scary, try fighting off four of them! From 1992, Demonic Toys features a potty-mouthed doll, a deadly robot, one nasty teddy bear and a terrifying jack-in-the-box, all possessed by an ancient demon. The demon uses the toys as its minions in an attempt to take the soul of a woman’s unborn baby. Okay, so the storyline is a little silly. However, these plastic nightmares are full of sick humor and murderous mayhem. While Demonic Toys isn’t necessarily “scary” it is fun to watch on dark, stormy nights. Watch out for a particularly nasty death scene in which one of the toys brutally stabs a woman in the eye.

These toys aren’t playing around. Do yourself a favor and remove the batteries from these hellish horrors…before it’s too late!

From 1992, Dolly Dearest delivered blood, gore and terror at the hands of a murderous female doll. When an American family travels to Mexico in order to take over a toy factory, they soon discover a malevolent spirit has inhabited the dolls. Soon bodies are piling up as the doll reveals her dark nature, murdering and dismembering all in her path. Dolly Dearest is a fun little horror flick that doesn’t hold back the scares.

Chucky better watch his back. This femme fatale is armed and ready to play…with you! At first Dolly Dearest appears to be a rip-off of Child’s Play, due to the similar storyline. At the time of the film’s release Child’s Play was still widely popular (because the franchise was still considered scary). This comparison helped Dolly Dearest find success on videocassette. Now after twenty years, the film is still considered a cult classic by many horror fans. A sequel was planned but never went into production. If you’re lucky enough to find a copy of Dolly Dearest check it out. You’ll avoid the toy department like the plague.

She’s pretty. She’s deadly. She wants your soul.

From 1988’s Child’s Play, meet the ultimate killer doll, Chucky! When a dying serial killer uses voodoo to transfer his soul to a plastic doll, it creates of string of nightmares and terror. A young boy receives the doll as a birthday present from his mother. Before long Chucky is roaming around on his own, pushing the boy’s babysitter out a window to her death and setting his sights on his new “playmate’s” soul. With the help of his mother and a handsome police officer, the boy must destroy Chucky or lose his soul forever. Featuring Brad Dourif (Urban Legend) as the voice of Chucky, this is one horror film you don’t want to miss. Child’s Play became a box office hit. Child’s Play 2 was released in 1990; Child’s Play 3 was released in 1991.

In 1998, ten years after the first film shocked audiences, Bride of Chucky made its theatrical debut. This time around Chucky is reconstructed by his ex-girlfriend, Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly). After killing Tiffany, her soul is passed into a female doll and the two hit the road with an unsuspecting couple. While the film contained some horrific moments, horror fans were disappointed with the high levels of humor and lack of terror.

Chucky will make a return in 2013 with the remake of Child’s Play. Returning to the horror roots of the original, the film promises to be scarier and more violent than before, hopefully toning down the humor quite a bit.

A film that struggled to find a release, Puppet Master was finally released to videocassette in 1989. Featuring a string of murderous toys, each with their own unique talents. Leech Woman vomits up real leeches that suck her victims dry; Blade comes complete with a nasty set of sharp weapons; and Tunneler has an actual drill on his head, perfect for making his victims beg for mercy. While the film is low-budget it found much success with genre fans. The film spawned several sequels over the years, yet none of them were as entertaining as the original. Based on a story by Charles Band (The Gingerdead Man), Puppet Master is about a man who, along with his psychic friends, discovers a collection of strange toys are not only alive, but very deadly.

It’s horrific fun as one by one, the devilish dolls claim another victim in silly, grotesque ways. This R-rated film earns its rating after the first twenty minutes, wearing it with pride as unbelievable horrors are unleashed.

Check out this horror classic today!

 Released in 1987, Stuart Gordon’s horror film, Dolls combined horror with macabre fantasy. The story follows a group of strangers who take shelter from a storm at the mansion of two elderly toy makers. Each guest soon discovers the toys have minds of their own, taking bloody revenge on those who get on their bad side. Director Stuart Gordon balances humor with grisly horror and suspense in this violent, creepy thriller. Dolls underwent massive editing and re-shoots, adding in more blood and gore to certain scenes. Horror fans rejoiced when the film made its debut, delivering eerie pint-sized villains that weren’t afraid to go for the throat. One character meets her nasty demise with jaw-dropping effects.

After the film’s release a sequel was planned. However, it never happened due to high costs and lack of interest from studios. One year later another movie came out that featured a killer doll as the villain as well as a higher budget. That film was Child’s Play.

Still, Dolls remains a favorite with genre fans. It has plenty of laughs, scares, and incredible effects.

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