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Medusa’s Favorite Horror Hags

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Step into my lair, dear readers. Get comfortable and relax as my tail coils around you, preparing you for the terrifying fun we’re about to have. This week we’ll be honoring the scariest hags of horror, who are able to make the bravest of men whimper with fright. These women are so vicious my scales tingle at the very thought. Sit back, grab a bite, and come closer to your favorite Gorgon of gore. It’s time to meet the women of your nightmares!

Bringing the childhood fable to life…with a horror twist, The Tooth Fairy (a.k.a. Matilda Dixon) induces fear into those unfortunate enough to feel her wrath.From the 2003 horror flick, Darkness Falls, Matilda terrorized audiences at the box office. At first a kind-hearted woman, Matilda provided candies and cakes to the children for their baby teeth. A terrible kitchen fire left her brutally scarred, forcing her to wander the streets at night in order to reward the children, while hiding her deformity. After the disappearance of two kids, the townspeople decided Matilda was to blame. With her dying breath she placed a curse on the town, turning her kindness into pure revenge. Sure enough, the children were found alive and well…but the terrible deed had been done. Now there are those who believe that Matilda visits children on the night they lose their last baby tooth. However, there is one simple rule you must always remember, should Matilda pay you a visit: Don’t peek, or her hideous face will be the last thing you’ll ever see.

Proving vanity is one of the greatest sins, the Queen decides Snow White’s beauty must never surpass her own. Taking matters into her own evil hands she transforms herself into an ugly old peddler woman, armed with a basket of poisoned apples. Forget the witch from The Wizard of Oz. This classic Disney villain embodies pure, relentless evil that has scared and delighted audiences since the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937. The next time someone offers you a tasty red apple, have an orange instead.

The Grand High Witch has a sheer hatred for many things, but children are at the top of the list. It’s safe to say her maternal instinct is the size of a grain of sand; in fact, it may be smaller than that. Based on the story by Roald Dahl, The Witches brought its zany hag to cinematic life in 1990. You’ll never want to get on her bad side, or she’ll fry you into dust. With a plan to destroy every child in the world, unimaginable powers, and a talent for disguising her grotesque features, The Grand High Witch is one of the scariest hags of horror. She can control a room with a single glare while the other witches nervously await her demands. One of her latest potions can turn human beings into mice. Mixing the brew with chocolate she instructs her minions to open candy stores in every town, offering free “chocolates” to the children. The Grand High Witch is very intelligent and expects results from everyone, no excuses. Question her motives, argue back, or fail to produce results and The Grand High Witch will destroy you in the blink of an eye. As a witch she always has a trick up her sleeve. It’s easy to see why The Grand High Witch brings fear to those around her. Just look at that face! Watch your back the next time you come across a pretty young woman on the street. She may be wearing a mask that hides something much more sinister.
 You’ve already got goosebumps, don’t you? How would you like to see this old hag outside your window? Without saying a word she can make you shiver in your chair, while holding a burning candle in her gray, moldy hand. This vile character specializes in popping up when you least expect it. You never know when she’ll decide to make another appearance. Writer/Director James Wan (Saw) introduced this horrid apparition in the 2010 film, Insidious.

 Even though they’re not “horror hags” they’re still evil enough to make the list. Winnifred, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson come back from the dead in order to suck the souls from every child in Salem, allowing them to remain alive and young forever. Unfortunately three kids have decided to fight back against the resurrected witches, making their plan for eternal youth a difficult task. On top of everything else Sarah is too caught up with the opposite sex, while Mary is too slow for her own good. Despite everything, these three sisters know exactly what they want and won’t go down without a fight. You can check out their hilarious antics in the 1993 Disney hit, Hocus Pocus.

How would you like to be stuck in a cellar with Henrietta? Well, if you want to survive a night in this cabin you’ll have to.  She’s possessed by an incredible evil and she’s out for blood. It definitely takes a strong person to defeat this disgusting hag. Henrietta’s features manage to become worse as her neck grows extremely long and her face becomes skeletal. Think the worst is over? Oh, guess again! Henrietta also possesses the ability to fly, making her attacks more dangerous than ever. Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn was released in 1987 and writer/director Sam Raimi knew the character of Henrietta required just the right actor. Who was talented enough for such a role? Why, his brother, actor Ted Raimi. Henrietta was the wife of Professor Knowby, who managed to summon the demonic forces. Once his wife became possessed he simply buried her body in the cellar instead of dismembering the corpse. So if you ever find yourself in a darkened cellar, you’d better pray that Henrietta isn’t lurking in the shadows.
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