Femme Fatale: Leech Woman

Welcome my little horror fanatics! Your favorite Gorgon of gore is here with the first edition of Medusa’s Lair for 2012. It’s not Tuesday, but I wanted to write a special piece this week. Because your snake-haired horror hostess loves to hear you scream…with freakish delight, allow me to introduce the first (of many) femme fatales. The “Femme Fatale” series will feature the scariest, sexiest, and coolest women the horror genre has ever seen. From the film, Puppet Master, get ready to meet Leech Woman!

It’s not easy being a vicious killer, especially when you’re only twelve inches tall. Sure, you can creep around from place to place, stalking your victim with the greatest of ease. However, many horror villains are men, whether they’re human or not. In Leech Woman’s case not only does she have to attack and kill, she’s also the only female in a group of psychotic puppets. Fortunately Leech Woman (or Ms. Leech) doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty…or bloody. Possessed by the soul of a toy maker’s dead wife, Leech Woman is dark and vengeful. With the grotesque ability to regurgitate giant leeches, each of her victims will die a slow, painful death. In the blink of an eye Leech Woman’s sultry appearance dissipates, revealing a nasty appetite for murder, proving she’s just as dangerous as her male counterparts.

Although many find Leech Woman brutal, she tends to dwell in the shadows of the other puppets. Blade, the leader of the group, can usually be found at the scene of every attack. When she does show up you know it’s going to be messy. Through it all Leech Woman was featured in the first three films, causing death and destruction wherever she went. Victims were sucked dry by the slimy creatures that sprung from her throat; the sight is enough to make you cringe. Finally Leech Woman met her own violent death when she was tossed into a furnace, putting an end to her reign of terror. Horror fans may never see the return of Leech Woman, but she’ll always have a special place in our black hearts.


4 Responses to “Femme Fatale: Leech Woman”

  1. Next up in the “Femme Fatale” series: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark!

  2. leech woman rocks!!!!

  3. Thanks for ‘liking’ my post Medusa. I’m admiring your blog here. And yes, Leech Woman was pretty awesome, in the grossest of ways.

  4. You know, I’m really not a horror fan, but I’m going to try following you for a while. Thanks for the Like!

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